Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Socializing through hobbies

Dogs are one of the pet animal kept by the owner with a variety of reasons, one because of this one animal that are very faithful and obedient to the owner. Until there is a comment if faithfulness faithfulness of a dog than a friend. This is the basis for me to keep my small dog since. so unfortunately the dog, to a collection of dog I have quite a lot, such as rotweiller, Pomeranian, shit Tzu, golden retriever, and also have a local dog in the house, and create atmosphere in this house does not feel boring again. "All dogs here always reassure me that," With more and more dogs of course this is not possible for him to treat alone. With the help of his wife and children, I treat all of this dog. In addition to the hobby, I also bredeer dog. "I am pleased to see is if babies were born a new dog," I always hold a pet dog. About health for the dog, I rely on the veterinarian. Of course bredeer continue with the more dogs that he owned, and to reduce the burden of care so little, I also sell dog. In addition to the money in the can to cover the cost of care. "I must set aside part of the sales to those in need, because I actually own a dog is willing to sell, but if so how many more ..,!". Of the sale of dog that is not me and my family. Sell dog him do this also with the more reason to promote the hobby dogs.Jadi I sometimes do not offer only for people who are only capable but also for those who were not able to but my dog is. "What I hope the community is more and more like a dog, so I will set my price as long as the same person really my dog," What I do is, use the hobby with the interests of social order is glorious. At least, this can become an example for the other, which utilizes a hobby for the social interest.
But I am very sad, especially if it is bali denpasar infected rabies virus, in addition can affect the dog population will also disrupt the tourism bali bali which we all live from the government sector pariwisata.I hope this case concerned with the serius.For dog owners not to release dogs the wild and provide vaccinations on a regular basis, hopefully with this step we destroyed rabies in Bali, where the beautiful island of Bali is available. (pgh)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Forest-Mount for Bali
Discharge permit expansion plan geothermal exploration in the forest area of Mount Batukaru, it appears regardless of the role and function of forests and mountains for Bali. People know that in Bali have been taught about the Hindu philosophy Segara Mountain, which essentially reminds us all that the mountain (forest) and the ocean (sea / beach) is the source of life so that patutdiscikan existence.
Mountains and ocean for the Bali have important value in social religious life. Social life in the mountain forest and ocean with the sea is a source of width, which provides food for people who no utmost. In addition, for the second Bali this place - mountains and ocean - have a high religious value, in which some religious ceremonies conducted in the second place. Since the first Bali people, mountains and ocean is an area that has been purified and, as is believed as a source of life.
If it is the area that is disturbed purified, Balinese people have rightly react. Although it is possible that this exploration project is required by Bali, should be cooked will influence the long term for Bali. In the era of regional autonomy has been the management of an area should listen to more opinions, customs and culture of the people who live in the area, because most will feel its impact are the people.
Moreover, recent Bali is earthquake-prone area, which is not impossible possible causes are the activities / dredging sand in the sea in some areas in the waters of Bali, which is later used to create a barrier abrasion / coastal security. As has been repeatedly into the discourse, that the dredging of sand in the sea will disrupt the balance of nature. Interference not only in the area around the project site, but also disrupt the overall Bali. The dredging of sand in the sea in the very bad effect for the island to the resilience of a vibration-vibration especially earthquakes. Because one function of the sand are as vibration reducer and sand will fill in your midst (which occurs because the shift in the earth crust due to the changes that occur in the crust that appear because of the earthquake). So, if your midst has been filled will be able to withstand the vibration further.
Finally, the activities that will ideally be done, both in the mountains and the ocean (sea) must be through a study and a study of long and ripe, with consider all aspects, not just by looking at the economic aspects only. Do not meddle too and we try to be natural because the impact is extraordinary. When this happens, our children and grandchildren will ask for accountability.
Bali cut damage, let Giri (forest) and baruna (sea) in Bali sustainable, because it is the heritage of all the ancestors, especially at this time are incentive-plan our incessant AJEG BALI.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


(part 2)

Bali Island is a small island that has seemingly no time trial, and
problems. trial, and many problems that befall Bali was caused by people outside
Bali and even the people themselves. Generally, a trial of the Bali-empty
person's personality that only think for the short term and focused only to
enjoy the economic benefits it right.

Currently, after reforms opened the tap community Bali has started the
express objections pemikian akan island only to be diperas event or
investment, without considering the impact on the preservation of
environment. Despite a handful of people who agree to less courage
to voice this
and still think that better pasrah silence and with a variety

Since a few years ago, to the flare have been the project of investment and
impact damage to the environment land Bali, at this time going back plan
pengeksplorasian geothermal reserves in the area around Mount Batukaru. This is
related to the approval letter No.S.519/VII-KP/2004 form of extension and
additional permit new drilling for geothermal exploration and other supporting
facilities in the area of protected forest Batukaru (BP, 15 / 9).

This agreement is an extension of the exploration permit of which
is a geothermal exploration activity in Bedugul area, including the still
Batukaru nature and known by the name of Power Earth Power Centers (PLTB). In
the first exploration done with pruning 25.28 ha of forest and its plan to do
next with the chop forest area of 28.60 ha again.

Bali loss

When this project is actually done is certainly a big loss that
must be paid for by Bali future. As we know, Bedugul with the forest area is a
fertile source for Bali so that water only slightly changes the environment in
Bedugul akan affect the entire Bali, where the clearing of protected forest
growing ability of the power of water absorption Bedugul area will be reduced,
the area is areas rainfall is so high hujannya water bag Bali. When the water
contents in the hills of Bedugul is then reduced slowly feared areas below even
the most experienced Bali akan drought. Finally Bali akan difficulties
experienced drought or water. On the other hand, occurs when the rainfall is
high enough, no more root-root trees that will strengthen the land in the hills
to Bedugul akan into areas prone to landslides, as happened some time ago.

In addition, tuberculosis is Bedugul-Bali parunya, because the
environment there is very natural and beautiful, where there are still many
forests consist of trees which is a conservation area for the Bali region in
particular areas that are below it. So, it is very big risk for the overall Bali
Bedugul area when diotak especial. Bedugul area management should be on the
integrated development plan and to the conservation area as Bedugul. So, Bedugul
must be defined as the status quo, that is an area that must be maintained so
that the situation still functions as a natural protective areas remain awake
and physical development that have minimal dikondisikan may not disrupt the
natural balance there. In fact, it should not be there again in the build there.
Despite the fact it has a lot of the hotel building there are funds villa that
appear like mushrooms in the rainy season. Take the example the existence of
Vila Bukit Berbunga a lot of pro and contra and problems for the environment.
Learning from some of the previous problems, should the investor akan plan to
invest in Bedugul to the AMDAL documents that have been there, because if not
for one Bedugul area, have been used to create document AMDAL Regions. In this
document can be seen how the actual situation, the potential and resources to
support the actual Bedugul

Monday, May 18, 2009

(Part 1 )
Climate Change Not a chance

Climate change is the impact resulting from global warming temperatures caused by greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases produced by this pattern of consumption of fossil fuels and exploitation of natural resources. Increasing the temperature of the earth will affect the ecosystem and human life that is as natural and life are two things that affect each other and integrated.
In fact, climate change is not a purely technical problem, because it appears due to greed of production and consumption patterns, which then become a global social problems. Social impact, such as the inability of poor people to make adaptations, access to health services, water and natural resources will increase the complex problems of the global environment. Compared with the rich, who can move from the land vulnerable to land a more secure because they have the money to do so. If so, what is the future of this earth will be filled only by the rich, because only they are able to survive?
Changes that slowly but surely is making human life such as frogs that are swimming in the heated oven until it reaches the boiling point and the frog dies without itupun realize what has happened.
Future Bali?
Bali is only a small island with an area only 5.682 square kilometers with a population density is relatively high ie 565 persons per sq km. Bali surrounded coastal region with a length of 430 km at this time in critical condition. While there are many people who hang up his life in the region with the coastal livelihood as fishermen since hereditary and seaweed farmers. In rural areas, most people Bali production as farmers, with traditional patterns of agriculture. Bali style production community is affected by this natural cycle and rainfall. Currently, if a natural cycle is not stabilized, then they victims of the first affected by the lack of government efforts to help adapt peacock.
The government at this time is more interested in the efforts to support income-invasion revenue from capital flows (investment) in the sector periwisata and supporting facilities. With the cheap way out of natural resources available, causing various problems arise and social environment. Whether caused directly by changes in the allotment of a project and by the impact of development komulatif that this is not considered as an important component of the sustainability of life for the Bali community. Evidence, at this time only the government is still busy to build projects such as golf courses, coastal reclamation area to the river for the villa, which he said rake forest for eco-electricity and tourism. Projects is clearly a big impact on the environment especially climate change are already felt by the severe conditions akan Bali. Add reclamation severe abrasion coast, and the higher intensity storms in the sea so that the effect on production costs and the life of fishermen. Reduction will reduce the forest's ability to provide water and carbon capture capability, so that the water crisis memperparah can penambah catenarian long conflict between subak struggling with the water taps and the private sector. Over function is open and productive land for the golf course that can only be enjoyed by the group of rich people so add a food crisis for Bali. Bali tourism will kollaps, because the beaches, mountains, rice fields that will only be beautiful in the brochures travel only. In the urban heat, and the gross settlement can reclaim nest-breeding mosquitoes, so make human health and longevity to be expensive. Security threats, crime and conflict akan tersemai because all people want to survive in the increasingly complex needs.
Although the community has contributed large Bali Nyepi through the day without the consumption of energy, natural resources and no emissions, the only island of Bali is a small field that will be the gold wheel rotation for the global economy through the tourism industry. If Bali is still based on economic-development kosep conventional like this without including the risk of disaster from climate change in the agenda of development, not impossible events such as Tuvalu in the community will take place on Bali. However, the question then is, whether the country of origin of the owner of the tourism industry in Bali Bali people would like to receive?

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Diligent and useful fruit
This fruit seems now that the tune without the lemon seeds. How do I menanamnya and what are the benefits. Thanks to the advances in technology in the field of agriculture, the lime can be obtained "without seeds" or more popoler called "stoned." What is the difference between lemon seeds with lemon without seeds? Plant lemon seeds, among others, characterized with a small fruit, seeds, plants and Habitus relatively small (short). While lemon fruit without seeds have larger seeds rather than lemon, does not contain seeds, plants and Habitus relatively large.

In addition to the in the yard, plant the seeds without lime (Citrus aurantifolia) can also be developed in the pot. Even now, without lemon seed this pride into solitary. Why? The first reason because it has a profile and beautiful plants that can be formed to be short. Second, can bear fruit and flower throughout the year. Third, easy maintained and developed, and the fourth, can be moved, move as you wish.
Lime may be stoned with the vegetative, ie, the grafting, and stek branch.
However, as a first step, you can buy this orange seeds that came from grafting. For the experience, the grafting of seedlings will be grown the plants resistant to interference and bear fruit more quickly.
We recognize some type of pot, with raw materials, shapes and colors that look different. For example, a pot of cement, plastic, ceramic, and porcelain in various sizes and shapes. It is important, the size of pot is adjusted to the size of plant seeds without lemon. If the plant is still small, can be used pot berdiameter about 20 - 40 cm. However, if the lemon nonbiji already gede, need to be moved to the pot berdiameter 50 - 60 cm. Its hole in the bottom of the pot to remove excess water. Also, the pot should have legs. Useful to look clean, and help expedite the process and aerasi drainage.
After the pot is prepared, it would also need to think tanamnya media. Some of the requirements in the selection and preparation of the planting media, including: easy to remove excessive water, does not contain outbreaks of pests and diseases, and contain elements of burly, loose, fertile, and rich materials aorganik. Media planting is also depend our taste and needs. There are a mixture of soil composition, husk, bamboo, and humus (1: 1: 1), or a mixture of soil, sand, and manure (1: 1: 1), or a mixture of soil, manure, and sawdust ( 2: 1: 1). There is also a modern media plant, a mixture of soil with organic fertilizer Super TW-Plus (6: 1) After that, proceed with the media to plant in the pot. Way, close the hole on the bottom pot with a fractional tile or brick red. Fill fraction selapis tile in the base pot. Then, taburkan organic fertilizer in the top fraction tense and fill the planting medium of your choice to reach half the pot.
Planting and CARE
Procedure without a raise lemon seeds are as follows. semprotdengan water media in polybag containing the seedlings without lime to wet the seeds. Then, turning polybag position while at the part-time nature, so that the seeds out with the media and the radical. Cut some branches, branches, and leaves that are not useful. This is to reduce the occurrence of evaporation. The way of seeds is as follows. Put the lemon seeds nonbiji right in the middle of the pot upright. Timbun with the rest of the media before planting to full, while hardened around the base of seedlings. Siram until quite wet, even when necessary, to increase fertility media, can be added with organic fertilizer Gro-mate with a dose of 1.5 - 2 cc / liter of water, land or pembelah Ağrı doses with SC-3 - 5 cc / liter.
Step up, place the lemon stoned on the right place. That is, the place is open, exposed to the sun in the morning until 11 o'clock, safe from all interference, and also supports the environment. Thus, the lemon without fertile seeds will grow and bear fruit productive. If you have more than one tabulampot lemon nonbiji, can be put in line and order. Possible but also not in line, because it must be adapted to local conditions. It is important, the distance between the pot-at least 2 x 2 meters.
Do not forget, do the sprinkling. How, with a stream of water through a plastic hose into the pot until wet enough. Alternatively, perform engineering sprinkling system with wick and drops a simple irrigation system. Also, although the planting media that already contain fertilizer used, should be fixed fertilization continuation. One month after planting, give it fertilizer Urea, TSP and KCl (2: 2: 1), with the size of trees per 2 tbs. Dibenamkan mixture is around 10 cm deep pot. Then, if tabulampot lemon nonbiji start flowering, give it fertilizer NPK (15 - 15 - 15) per tree with the measure 1 tablespoon, dilarutkan the first in 10 liters of water. Siramkan liquid fertilizer in the media until just wet. If fruit trees have been routine, but do fertilization at least 4 hours once. Use of fertilizer NPK (15 - 15 - 15) of 1 tablespoon per tree, planting directly in the deep 10 cm round pot.
At least three pests often lurk at the same time attack tabulampot lemon nonbiji, that is, the worm papilio, lice leaf, and fruit fly. Caterpillar papilio (Papilio memnon) acapkali attack young leaves and shoots. As a result, the damaged leaves perforated even bald. While head lice leaves (Aphistavirisi) suck up liquid on the leaves or young shoots, so that the growth of citrus leaf decay berguguran ago. To control pests in the third, some actions can be done, among others, cut the plant (leaf, stem, fruit) the weight fell ill, the leaf is too thick, or spray with pesticides such as Hostathiom 40 EC, Kelthane 200 EC, 50 EC and Cymbush.
We know that beauty joint appearance with lemon seed, the plant is located on the short condition, good crown, and the shoot-flower-fruit shoots always grow inflame. Therefore, it should be the establishment of tree and fruit. Ideally, the formula "139". That is, only 1 main trunk (core) maintained at a height of 80 - 100 cm, then 3 primary branches selected during the 30 - 50 cm, and 9 branches throughout the secondary selected 30 - 50 cm. Trimming is done in the rainy season. Once trimmed, each wound in the cat clipping be oiled or bitumen.
To stimulate flowering lemon without seed, made the planting techniques of media. Way, the media in the pot plant for a few days does not intentionally disiram (but beware, do not languish until permanent). After that, little by little , and dried again until the plant appears to die away, and spray slowly until quite wet. This treatment takes approximately 4 - 6 weeks. Flowering can be expected. If still not blooming, add fertilizer TSP of 50 gr / pot.
Sometimes, to ensure that the plants bear fruit throughout the year, and fruit-fruit is still good, the substance used to grow (ZPT). Some ZPT can be used as Hobsanol, Atonik, Ethrel, Cultar, and so forth. You can buy it at the store / kiosk nearest agriculture.
However, you also need to set the conception. Thus, the first fruit should be removed entirely. This is intended to stimulate the formation of shoot-shoot-productive, so that flowering and fertilization closer. If the fruit-fruit lemon nonbiji was too close, it is also dijarangkan, so that the fruit-fruit that be big enough and relatively large. Time thinning is done when the fruit is still on the 'choke' seukuran marbles.
Increase sexual passion In addition to vitamin and mineral rich. lemon fruit without seeds, there are substances bioflanid, citric acid, and oil atsiri limonen. Some of the property and benefits of lemon without the other seeds are as follows:
- Increased sexual passion Take a lemon without the seeds, then cut and collected water. Add chicken yolk and a little brown sugar. until evenly mixed. Drink once a week. - What is tunable Voters Take two lemon without seeds, then cut and collected water. Add a few whiting, and then stirred, and while given the original one spoon honey. Please be drunk once a week for a month.
- Coughing Usir 3 Prepare the fruit dredging nipis nonbiji. Cut into two parts the same, and add whiting discount on the second field line. one back, and with the pin lidi, and roast in oven until top-out scum scum whiting. scrub fruit whiting in the throat. Also, perasan fruit without seeds of lemon and take water, and drinking.
- Lower fever 4 Prepare the lemon fruit without seeds. Cut each orange into 4 bagian.Ambil water, and steam the orange juice for 30 minutes. Lift and leave until lukewarm. Add a little yeast and tape onion 4 cloves that have been bruised, and poke through the entire body merata.urutkan children who are hot.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Preventing a bad habit in the dog

Bad habits such as chewing something inappropriate and excessive howl too is a common problem. Both problems can be reduced by giving your dog enough sports, mental stimulation and social interaction and teach them what is acceptable. When he make a mistake, giving a consistent greeting such as "may not" (no) or "do not" do it for him can also help.

Chew To reduce the puppy chewing something you do not want: Choose chew toys (chew toy) that quality and safe. Favorite toy rotation alternately each day to prevent boredom. Use toys to play grab (fetch). Do not give him old shoes to your dog because he will naturally think that's what shoes! Never physically punish (beat) your pup. Commanded "not allowed" or divert attention to the name calling ago he gave kunyahannya toys. Praised him when he chewing in the mouth. howl over Dogs naturally howl for many reason. If your dog menggongong excessive and even play many sports, try this way:

Give the command "howl (bark)" or "speak (speak)" howl ago when he gave a compliment. Once he understands the connection with the howl, tambahkanlah command "stop (no)." When he stops, give him praise or reward. Repeat this exercise until he understands the command. Its sounds like the television or music on your lights when you go and make sure that a lot of toys available for him. May be better to let the pup trained in the time you go, because he would often sleep all day at the time he was in the house. Avoid rushing things or play with your dog when you go, or when you return home. Try to keep this transition may silent.
Child Maintenance Guidelines Short Dogs

Health Care
Veterinary check-up
Check to the doctor regularly should start when your puppy was 8 weeks and continued during the period of his life. Come regularly is also important for vaccinations and advice needed
You can also check your puppy on a regular basis at home with the carefully check ears, eyes, mouth, skin and feather, claw and nail. If you find something that is not normal, cek doctor immediately.
Deteksi disease If you see any signs like that below, talk to your veterinarian immediately: worms like spaghetti / noodles and / or diarrhea less appetite less enthusiastic, or behavior that is not usually excessive thirst sudden loss of body weight vomiting continuously breath does not regularly red or watery eyes nose watery fur is not good or bald bald change the color or condition of the skin difficult to wake up or move lice stick to the skin Desexing If you do not want the follow-culture or expose your dog, you and your dog may be better if he was in neurter or Spay. Male or female, this operation does not require routine more than one night stay at the clinic. Age is good for desexing is generally 6 months.
Desexing prevent the birth of a child who does not want a dog, help mengurangin problem behavior and also can reduce certain diseases such as mammary tumor and uterine disease.

Dental treatment Plaque and tartar is often the cause dental disease and can cause other problems if the bacteria enter the bloodstream, which may be harmful in the organ.
There are 3 steps to good dental care:
Dentistry: Check your dog's teeth to the veterinarian every 6-12 months for cleaning and coral shine (polish) the teeth if necessary. Food: food is appropriate - can help clean up and reduce the formation of tartar Toothbrush routine: Keep your dog's teeth cleaning with a tooth brush 2-3 times per week. If you have never brush your dog's teeth: Hold the head with your dog carefully when you check the teeth . If it is mutiny, stop and try again the next day After he had to feel comfortable and mouth checked, start using toothbrushes. Use a toothpaste formulated specifically for dogs. Slowly brush teeth, brush teeth angle so that you can scour around . If he does not like , try using a tooth brush with water only for a few days. After graham gloss finish, and moved to the front of the toothbrush . Always follow the order so he knows what to expect next time.
If your dog continue to refuse to rubbed teeth, try dililitkan use gauze to your finger. You can get the gauze from the doctor. Never use toothpaste for people - not frothy dog toothpaste and is designed to be swallowed, and usually with a taste seafood, chicken or Malt.
Tip: signs of dental disease: mouth odor, scaly yellow pile on the teeth, gum bleeding or swelling or difficulty eating. Bring to a doctor if you find signs of this. Make the first (first aid kit) Keep some of these items if necessary and remember if in doubt phone or take it to the doctor! : Thermometer to take temperatures. Normal dog temperature around 37.9-39.9 C, an average of 38.9 C Scissors with a blunt edge to cut the hair dressing and bandage. Cotton to clean the wound, eye and ear Sterile gauze to conceal or injury Iodine (iodine) to disinfect the wound. Roller / roller bandage Tongs to lift the dirt serpihan Emergency phone number your veterinarian